日立Astemo株式会社(以下、日立Astemo)は、2023年3月30日付ニュースリリース*1および2023年9月28日付ニュースリリース*2でお知らせした、JIC キャピタル株式会社の100%子会社であるJICC-01合同会社が運用するJICC-01 投資事業有限責任組合への種類株式発行による資金調達、株式会社日立製作所(以下、日立)からの自社株式の買い取り、本田技研工業株式会社(以下、本田技研工業)が保有する日立Astemo電動機システムズ株式会社の普通株式全てを対価として新たに発行する日立Astemo普通株式の本田技研工業への引き渡し等の一連の取引(以下、本取引)について、本日完了しましたので、お知らせします。



*1 2023年3月30日付ニュースリリース「日立 Astemo 株式会社における、JIC キャピタル株式会社の資本参加をともなう 資本構成の変更に関するお知らせ」

*2 2023年9月28日付ニュースリリース「日立 Astemo 株式会社における、JIC キャピタル株式会社の資本参加をともなう 資本構成変更の日程延期に関するお知らせ」



Completion of capital raising from JIC Capital


Tokyo, October 16, 2023 – Hitachi Astemo Ltd. (“Hitachi Astemo”) has announced it has completed a series of transactions (“Transaction”) announced in the news release*1 dated March 30, 2023, and the news release*2 dated September 28, 2023. The Transaction includes fundraising through the issuance of class stock to JICC-01 Investment Limited Liability Partnership—managed by JICC-01 G. K., a wholly owned subsidiary of JIC Capital, Ltd.—the purchase of its own shares from Hitachi, Ltd. (“Hitachi”) and the delivery to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (“Honda”) of newly issued shares of Hitachi Astemo common stock in exchange for all shares of Hitachi Astemo Electric Motor Systems, Ltd. held by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 As a result of this Transaction, Hitachi’s ownership of voting rights in Hitachi Astemo became 40.0%, and Hitachi Astemo shifted from being a consolidated subsidiary of Hitachi to an equity affiliate of Hitachi.


*1 Notice of Change in Capital Structure of Hitachi Astemo including Capital Participation of JIC Capital


*2 Notice Concerning Postponement of Change in Capital Structure of Hitachi Astemo including Capital Participation of JIC Capital



 Hitachi Astemo is committed to technological innovation and business enhancement for sustainable growth through strategic business portfolio operations by the Electrification Business Management Division, Chassis & ICE Management Division and Motorcycle Business Division. Hitachi Astemo will contribute to a better global environment with electric powertrain systems and highly efficient internal combustion engine management systems that reduce emissions, and improve safety and comfort with autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems and advanced chassis systems. Hitachi Astemo will contribute to a sustainable society and improved quality of life by providing world-leading advanced mobility solutions that satisfy our customers.

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